Monday, May 17, 2010

Trouble in Paradise

On Saturday I went out for what was supposed to be a relaxing 31 mile ride. 8 miles into the ride I was having shifting problems. I tried all the adjustments I could, to no avail. I cut the ride short to work on my trike. I put it on my trike stand and readjusted the derailer. No good. I then changed the cable. No good. I then changed the cassette. No good. I finally changed the chain. Everything seemed to be beautiful after a short test ride. I was quite happy to say the least as this is my only recumbent ride. Today I had the opportunity to get another nice ride in, unfortunately 5 miles into the ride it all started again. I regrettably cut the ride short and will purchase a new derailer as that is the only thing left. This is my 2nd Shimano Deore replacement in 11k mi. I had a Sram X9 on my Stratus with over 20k with no problems. I am in the process of checking reviews for a new derailer. I would prefer a Sram, but upgrading barend shifters would be too costly.
I will advise the outcome as it unveils.