Tuesday, December 2, 2008

50K, no Nanowrimo way

I didn't make it to 50K words. Why? Because halfway through my story I decided it wasn't working in third person and I decided to change it. So I've started again. I wrote one solid chapter that I am happy with, but I am waiting on my Sci Fi writer friend to proof it and offer an opinion before I proceed. I need another set of eyes. Although in this rewrite I have given the protagonist a sardonic wit that sets her apart from her third person counterpart. I am quite pleased.

In addition, I have found myself obsessively attracted to everyone on CW's Gossip Girl, in particular Chuck and Blair. Caliente! Seriously, this ain't no show for teens. At least teens get to look forward to having sex with the wrong people. We adults have already made those beds, so now we can live the dirty, sexy, rich life through actors who are young enough for me to have been their babysitter. OMFG!