Wednesday, September 17, 2008

I met Holly Black & Tony DiTerlizzi!

I was so lucky that my co-worker was looking out for me. She saw a small advertisement in the Record about the two authors doing a book signing at Book World in West Caldwell, NJ on Tuesday, September 16th. So I raced there after work to get in line. I had an anxious stomach all day thinking of monstrous lines. But I was #5 in line. I have never been more excited to meet someone since I waited 8 hours on line to meet Tori Amos at her book signing of Piece by Piece. [Stupid me didn't bring a camera!] Yesterday totally made my season!

HB and TD are cool, funny, down-to-earth and extremely generous, making sure to sign everything that people gave them. Holly read a chapter from Beyond the Spiderwick Chronicles 2 while Tony drew pictures and gave them to the kids. Then they graciously answered questions from the crowd of mostly elementary school kids. I felt totally blessed to be able to meet them.