Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Midnight Sun-down

Because of its illegal availability, Meyer has posted the link to Midnight Sun on her website, allowing fans to view the draft guilt-free. Because of the unfortunate incident, Meyer put the project on hold indefinitely.

Meyer's books have excited such passion for teen lit. There are adults reading YA for the first time, scratching at that vamp itch. Personally, I am bummed that there will be no Midnight Sun in the foreseeable future. And perhaps all of us zealous vamp fans are to blame in downloading the damn thing. It just shows how invested we are in the lives of characters; made-up people we think of as real, as our own. You want evidence? Check out fanfiction.net; it has over 36,000 entries for Twilight alone! Think of how much time is wasted by readers desperate to continue the lives of its beloved characters.

Come on Stephenie. Finish Midnight Sun.