Thursday, August 14, 2008

Book pick o' the week

My book pick of the week is Playing With Matches by Brian Katcher.

Leon Sanders is a 17-year-old self-proclaimed loser looking for a good woman who understands him. That's a tall order for a teenage boy who's only 5'6" and ignored by every high school girl who crosses his path. During one of Leon's pity parties, he cracks a joke and befriends Melody Hennon, tormented by her classmates because of her severe facial burns. Leon and Melody eventually start a relationship but Leon just can't get over Melody's scarring especially when his dream girl, Amy Green, starts to make a play for him. You can only imagine how Leon screws this all up.

Katcher's debut novel is hilarious and sharp. He portrays Leon as a typical teenage male, honest and often misguided. Leon's friends are more accepting of Melody than the reader or Leon would have guessed. Some minor characters, like Dan (the super creepy classmate) and Dylan (the reformed bully) are often the most surprising and insightful.

This piece of realistic fiction is a worthwhile read. So get on it!


bjkatcher said...

Wow! I'm touched! Thanks for the kind words!